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Below we post links to sources of patented electronic hard water conditioner systems all over the world.

The electronic descaling technology is the smart and easy water treatment alternative, it removes and prevents limescale without salt or chemicals. By conditioning your hard water you will save energy by keeping your water heater free from lime scale. Electronic descalers and hard water treatment systems are the approved alternative to salt based water softeners. To read the LETTER OF APPROVAL from the Los Angeles Sanitation Department click here.

What is the difference between the different Scalewatcher models? Scroll to the bottom of this page to find how different hard water treatment technologies and brands compare.

This page is offered as a public service for all countries of the world with the intention of helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Together WeCanSolveit ! . To learn about this “green” technology please visit any of the websites posted below. Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications available.

North America
Aqua Genesis USA Inc. www.aquagenesisusa.com Scalewatcher
Scalewatcher North America www.scalewatcher.com Scalewatcher
Small Wonder USA www.smallwonder.info Small Wonder
Aqua Genesis en Español www.NoMasAguaDura.com Scalewatcher, Small Wonder
United Kingdom www.scalewatcher.co.uk Scalewatcher
Fast Systems Ltd. www.scalewizard.co.uk/ Scalewizard
B&D Ingenieursburo B V www.scalewatcher.nl Scalewatcher
France www.scalewatcher.com/fr/ Scalewatcher 3 star
Spain - Akraitana, S.L. www.scalewatcher.es Scalewatcher 3 star
Spain - Pexon Investments S.L. www.hardwaterscale.com Scalewatcher 3 star
Greece www.scalewatcher.gr Small Wonder
Italy www.scalewatcher.com/it/ Scalewatcher 3 star
Sweden www.scalewatcher.com Scalewatcher 3 star
Euro-Tech AB www.eurotechhelsingborg.se Scalewatcher 3 star
Vietnam www.scalewatcher.com/vn/vietnamese/ Scalewatcher 3 star
Thailand www.scalewatcher.com/th/thai/ Scalewatcher 3 star
Egypt www.scalewatcher.com Scalewatcher 3 star
Nigeria - SW West Africa swatcherwal.com Scalewatcher 3 star

Scalewatcher and Small Wonder compared:

The Scalewatcher 3 Star, considered "the Cadillac" of the electronic descalers is effective with the hardest waters, normally priced at $549, you can acquire it with a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE at our U.S.A. website for $499 with FREE shipping (within the USA and Canada).
The Small Wonder system is the low cost version of the same technology. It will treat pipes up to 1 inch and hardness up to 20 grains, regularly priced at $234.50, buy it online now for $179 with FREE shipping. To learn more about each of our two products simply click on the name.

Note that the TEN YEAR WARRANTY alone makes it a better investment to buy the Scalewatcher 3 star, plus you never know how hard your water will get in the future. Small Wonder is the low cost version of and is similar to the Scalewatcher system.

Residential Scalewatcher Models
Brand & Model Small Wonder or Scalewatcher mini or
Scalewatcher nano (*)
Scalewatcher 3 Star Scalewatcher 4 Star Scalewatcher 5 Star
Treats pipe size up to 1" 1 ½" 1 ½" ½ " to 1 ½ " Pipe
Effective with Hardness up to 25 Grains 54 Grains 100 Grains 1 to 100 GPG
Money back guarantee Six months One year One year One year
Manufacturers guarantee Three years Ten years Ten years Ten years
Low price guarantee No Yes Yes Yes
Regular price $234.50 $549 $699 $1029
Online price $179 $499 $649 $929
Shipping in USA & Canada
Free Free Free Free

(*) The Scalewatcher nano has the same specifications and performance as the Scalewatcher mini. This model compares with the ScaleRID 2000.

Be an educated shopper, compare Scalewatcher® with EasyWater®, ScaleRid® and others, find reviews and compare prices and warranties. Read ScaleWatcher Reviews and Testimonials.
Our engineers compared ScaleRid with ScaleWatcher and found that the ScaleRid 2000 ($247) has the same power and performance as the ScaleWatcher mini or Small Wonder ($179)

Comparison between ScaleWatcher® and EasyWater® electronic hard water conditioners

Midwest Realty Services, a management company with more than 300 properties under their care, set out to find a hard water treatment system to address the expensive maintenance problems caused by hard water. Here follows their experience:

Comparison between Scalewatcher and Easywater
C. E.

Sent: Friday, November 05, 2010 2:20 PM
To: 'Aqua Genesis'
Subject: Comparison between Scalewatcher and Easywater

During a 4-6 month period in April-October 2010, we installed a Scalewatcher in a home in Maple Grove, MN and we installed an Easywater system in another home in Maple Grove, MN as a trial. Neither homes had a water softener, so these were the only water system that were in operation. We keep notes on the results of both systems during this period. After approximately 3-6 weeks, we began to note that both systems seem to have a similar result on the water in the homes.

Refrigerator icemakers levers, faucet aerators, toilets, dishwashers, and sinks although were not completely free of calcium build up, were beginning to improve noticeably. In addition, the ability to remove any scale build up became easier and wiping off countertops became a much simpler process. After we completed our unscientific trial of both systems, we determined that both systems have very similar results, but the cost of the Scalewatcher system was dramatically lower and a better place to make the investment.

C. E., President, Broker, Realtor
Midwest Realty Services
Plymouth, MN


Comparison between Salt Based Water Softeners and Electronic or Electromagnetic Conditioners
Salt-based water softener (ion exchange) Electromagnetic water treatment
Expensive ($850 to $3000) Inexpensive $199 to $850
Expensive installation, plumber required Easy, do-it-yourself installation
Continual maintenance needed, heavy salt bags every 2 to 4 weeks Maintenance free
Removes minerals from water Leaves minerals dissolved in water
Adds salt to water, removes Calcium and Magnesium Leaves Ca and Mg in the water, adds nothing
Increases local watershed salinity Does not affect the environment
Not suitable for persons on low-salt diet Healthy for all people, pets and plants
Leaves slimy feeling on skin Leaves skin and hair feeling "squeaky"clean
Banned in many communities due to salt brine backwash Not restricted by any legislation
Requires drain No drain required
Does not remove existing scale Removes existing scale
Prevents new scale buildup Prevents new scale buildup
Non-portable Portable
Wastes water in regeneration Water efficient, no waste
Requires modifications to existing plumbing Requires no modifications to existing plumbing
Noisy operation Operates silently
No money-back guarantee 100%, 4 to 12 month money-back guarantee

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